Game Night Productions
  • What kind of hero do you want to be? In Shadowrift, you decide how your skills develop and grow from a generic adventurer into a crafty rogue, noble knight, raging barbarian, or any combination of skills you desire.
  • They have a plan. No two games of Shadowrift are the same. Part of the reason is that every faction of monsters has its own strategy, which means the heroes can't always win the same way.
  • Talk it through. Like any good cooperative game, Shadowrift keeps you talking with your friends: figuring out who needs healing, who can hire new guards for the town, and how to attack the monsters for maximum effect.
  • Always hard enough. Shadowrift has millions of scenarios to play with a wide variety of difficulty, allowing players to challenge themselves whether they're new to the game or hardened veterans.

Games Worth Playing

Game Night Productions is a game company with a focus on replay value. We make games you'll want to play over and over - games that are worth being the core of a weekly game night.

Our first entry to the genre has 3,779,100 variations, and we intend to release expansion packs for it regularly.

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